Do you need to reach your customers remotely,  understand their experience in rich detail, can you keep track of this in real time?

Gain Advanced understanding of customer experience and the services you provide. Need to  provide your services and products remotely. 

Combine novel methods, tools, and research expertise, we can help you improve your spaces, events, and/or services.  Our chatbots provide scalable and come in a familiar, easy-to-use format. Whether a pre designed chabot toolkit or an enhanced interaction with bespoke dialogue and design, our chatbots provide an ideal means of understanding user and customer experiences, and/or conducting service design innovation. 

Bespoke deployment

If you have a unique innovation or problem where a conversational system would be beneficial and perhaps you want to leverage IoT and AI. We can design a chabot system for your unique case.

Premade deployment

If you’re working on a new product or service, talking to potential customers is the best way to validate your idea. Understanding their experiences in your areas is the best way to help your business succeed.

A ready to deploy chatbot can give you the ability to quickly customize and deploy for your use case. Our chatbot dialogues draw on best practice from startup leaders, social science, and anthropology, lowering the barriers for businesses looking to ask the right questions. 

 Consulting on your deployment

Conversational design for your chatbot

Already developing a chabot system or have the content, but need guidance in implementation? We can help.

  • 1 on 1 with creative or developments team
  • Design Review
  • Content Review
  • Conversational & Interaction Design
  • Development Review
  • Working with Partners
  • UX
  • End User Research
  • Bot think
  • Human Bot Testing

API Toolkit – endpoints to enhance and support your own bot deployments and conversational analysis

Does your bot create friction with you users and customers? Does it just feel like a bot?

Although AI may not be an empathic entity, we can make it feel to the customer and user that there is empathic understanding. And we are able to facilitate that empathic understanding in a relationship between the bot and your business. 

At inChat we endeavor to  create what we like to call the ‘anthropomorphic vale’, which is a concept towards designing bots that are frictionless to the user and have been designed with a ‘different kind of empathy’ to facilitate understanding and acknowledgment of user needs.

Need to improve your chatbots services.

Here are our APIs we currently offer to enhance the chatbot interaction and analysis of conversations. 

  • Conversation storage
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Objectivity / subjectivity scoring
  • Intent recognition
  • Natural language generation 

We are always developing, please come back and check our blog posts for updates

Training and Workshop – Learning How to Design and Develop Chatbot for your own purposes

If you are interested in using chatbots to conduct user research, or other forms of design research, or simple providing services for your business we can help you on your way with this training.

Workshop contents

Training and interactive workshops provides an introduction to using chatbots for ethnographies, user research, and customer experience investigations. 

We provide workshops to introduce, design, and protype chatbots. We do training that includes design of chatbots, development, deployment and analysis.