If you're anything like us, consistent writing is an uphill struggle. That's why we built 'weekchat' – a chatbot designed to get you writing by interviewing you about your week, your thoughts, and your ideas. Curious? Read on.

Writing is a powerful tool for raising the profile of your practice, business, and projects.

So why don't we do it?

Working independently, as a freelancer or in a small team, it feels like there's not enough hours in the day to continually update blogs and profiles. There's real work to be done!

Yet, at the same time we can see benefits accruing to those able to create over consuming content. That's when we start to feel FOMO. But take it easy. Not everyone is blessed with the knack for effortless writing and the confidence for prolific posting.

The rest of us need a different approach.

We need a strategy to overcome procrastination, a way to overcome the inertia of a blank page.

We noticed we're rarely stuck for words when bouncing ideas off friends and colleagues. Conversation can be a better medium for refining and articulating ideas. As we've been building chatbots for several years now, we noticed our most successful bots encouraged reflection and awareness – what academics call metacognition.

It's with this in mind we built our latest chatbot. Using it is just matter of messaging 'hello' to our bot (the handsome chap above) who we've called 'Sep' on Telegram or WhatsApp. Sep will get in touch with you weekly (or as often as you like) to chat over your ideas and encourage you to do so regularly.

You don't need to sign-up, provide an email, or provide card details. You literally just need to say 'hi' on WhatsApp or Telegram. The first few chats are free. Then we ask for a payment to keep the sessions going.

Sound good? You can get started now

... well, not now, we're still building Weekchat. But if you'd like to test it out, get in touch with us: team@inchat.design

Clever features include...

Formatted transcripts, emailed to you — Once you've completed a weekchat session, we can send you a transcript of your interaction in the form of a formatted email, ready for publishing, or further editing to taste. Serve as is (interview style), or edit into a traditional post.

Markdown attached — Email transcripts come with Markdown equivalent attached as a separate file. This makes it easy to import your formatted conversations into Notion, Ghost, or your CMS of choice.

Tips and prompts so you're never stuck – Over 100 prompts, provocations, and advice to keep creative and motivated.

Scheduled check-ins – to keep you on track. If you've not had a chat within the week (or period of your choosing) - ping! Our chatbot Sep will be in touch. 'Systems not goals' and whatnot!

Want to take a closer look?

Here's the preview video. But to be honest you'd be faster just opening you're favoured messaging app and saying "hello, how do you do?". You don't need to install, pay, or type in an email to get started. You don't need to be polite either (but it may help).


What's your refund policy?

If Weekchat's not for you just email within 30 days of purchase and we'll happily give you a refund. The mission is to help you get you and your words out in the world. If Weekchat doesn't help you do that, then we'll happily provide a refund.

About us

We founded inChat as we discovered the possibilities for conversational AI to help understand and enhance customer experiences. We first used chatbots to help us gather field reserach. The results were unexpected. We were delighted to find that chat conversations could really help people to tell stories of places and spaces. Since then we've deployed chatbots in creative, cultural, and learning contexts.
This has led us to this next step; deploy AI as a tool for thinking, learning, and telling stories.

We hope Weekchat can support you in telling your story.
- inChat Co-founders,   Rory & Hector.